Integrated Security Prediction System

Secudit is offering the service based on our distributed vulnerability assessment (DVA) solution. The service provides ongoing measures of your specific vulnerability to current cyber-threats that have been recently successful elsewhere. Timely recommendations to modify and adapt your defenses allow you to make minimal adjustments quickly that protect your enterprise ‘just enough’ from a clear and present danger. Secudit alerts executives, department managers, and IT staff to cyber-security vulnerabilities and recommends remedial actions. Unlike a SIEM, Secudit is not part of the operational incident response system. Rather than supporting real-time responses to specific security incidents, Secudit supports the continuous improvement of an enterprise’s incident response preparedness by exposing evidence-based weaknesses in the current incident response plan, policies and deployment. All Secudit services are supplemental. We neither integrate with nor substitute for any of your existing IT and cybersecurity systems.

NORMAL IT networks

  • Cybersecurity is designed for NORMAL IT networks. Security intelligence services inform how new threats impact NORMAL IT networks.

YOUR IT network

  • YOUR enterprise doesn’t have a NORMAL IT network. How good is YOUR cybersecurity at defending YOUR enterprise?


  • SECUDIT informs how new threats impact YOUR IT network
  • … and recommends what changes will make YOU safer.
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