Secudit is looking for participants to experiment with the alpha version of our distributed vulnerability assessment (DVA) service. The service provides ongoing measures of your specific vulnerability to current cyber-threats that have been recently successful elsewhere.

Timely recommendations to modify and adapt your defenses allow you to make minimal adjustments quickly that protect your enterprise 'just enough' from a clear and present danger.

Secudit alerts executives, department managers, and IT staff to cyber-security vulnerabilities and recommends remedial actions. Unlike a SIEM, Secudit is not part of the operational incident response system. Rather than supporting real-time responses to specific security incidents, Secudit supports the continuous improvement of an enterprise’s incident response preparedness by exposing evidence-based weaknesses in the current incident response plan, policies and deployment.

Participation is 'low touch': You need only supply us with local group profiles (LAN configurations, endpoints, applications, and deployed protections). After that, you only touch the actionable outputs: Timely recommendations for incremental improvements in your IT deployments, use policies, and cybersecurity practices.

All Secudit services are supplemental. We neither integrate with nor substitute for any of your existing IT and cybersecurity systems.

Alpha Version Released

Secudit is looking for participants to experiment with the alpha version

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About our system

Secudit combines user behavior monitoring, penetration testing, and cyber-threat intelligence to provide an enterprise with an ongoing assessment of enterprise IT cyber-security vulnerability. The Secudit dashboard provides a readily available diagnostic of the overall cyber-health of the enterprise. As new vulnerabilities emerge, enterprise security professionals are alerted. With broad and detailed visibility, Secudit allows security teams to investigate and remediate emerging IT vulnerabilities before they become liabilities (or worse).

Secudit operates at two diagnostic levels:


Organized views of component vulnerabilities - an organized presentation of the individual components of IT vulnerability; and


Correlated views of patterns of vulnerability evolution - cross-correlation of component indicators to discern and present patterns of emerging vulnerability that might otherwise be hidden.


  • Customized vulnerability assessment
  • Identify dangerous user’s behavior
  • Identify vulnerable IT elements
  • “What if” estimations
  • … and much more

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Do you have any questions?

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Ferenc Leitold

Managing Director

Anthony Arrott

Director of Security Analytics

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Secudit Ltd. is looking for IT software developers in Veszprém, Hungary.

Job description:
  • Participation in IT security research
  • Participation in design and development of IT security hardware and software systems
  • C, C++, C#, Perl program development under Linux and Windows
  • Elaboration and testing of automated and manual test procedures
  • University or college diploma (IT/electric engineer)
  • Knowledge of Linux, Windows operating systems
  • Knowledge of C, C++ program languages
Advantage can be:
  • Perl, C#, JAVA, PHP or other program languages
  • Better knowledge of Linux, Windows operating systems
  • Experience in IT security
  • Experience in IT system operation
  • Knowledge of IT networks and protocols
  • English language, writing mainly
How to apply: Send your CV and payment expectation to

What we offer:

  • various tasks, challenges, professional progress
  • vocational practice, opportunity of writing thesis
  • fixed workplace
  • flexible work hours
  • calm atmosphere
  • competitive salary
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